Darkness Sought

Morbid Beauty by Sam Briggs


I fought like hell to hold impulse at bay. Survival and predatory instincts vying the dregs of humanity that had survived the recro mortuorum ages ago. Blood-thirsty villagers circling and spewing odious epithets that have indicted my kind for centuries. Sounds of hearts pumping blood through hateful veins sang to a distressed mind.

They call me ‘monster‘! As if I had hunted him! As if it were I who had lain in wait for an innocent in the darkness of night! Yet they wouldn’t question him! Small town boy, with his father’s eyes and the charm of a prince, obviously he had a good reason for being in a secluded wood at 3 AM. He had to have been doing some good deed, because he was such a good boy.

Only we knew that reason, or we did. My fearful eyes darting from his writhing corpse to pointed weapons wielded by villagers who wouldn’t understand. He hadn’t understood. No means no. I’d said it often enough.  He should have listened…

A pretty face in a cute dress, alone, and seemingly vulnerable…it did something to young male humans.  Triggered the beast within them.  A beast more feral than any I’d ever come in contact with in this life or any prior.  …and they’re afraid of us…

Walking home from the dance had seemed simple enough, but he’d followed…taunted…provoked…  I had screamed.  Where were these mongrels then?  Where was my protection?

He’d drawn blood as his palm collided with my cheek.  My senses on high alert I let my human side defend me.  Even struggled as the satin of my dress came apart slightly.  As his manhood unsheathed from his jeans and I felt the pressure against my core, it was there that I had drawn my line. It was there where any woman would draw the line and fight back!   His scream pierced the sky as my fangs found the pulse that had beat in my ear like the sound of a conga drum.  Bones provided background music as they pretzelled into positions no human could withstand.  I drained him slow, even as blood spewed over the forest floor and drenched the emerald tatters of dress that remained.

I drained him until the embers of his eyes no longer held recognition of this world, but lay transfixed at the doorway to the next.  I would not give him the satisfaction of becoming my equal.  Yet, even as I thought it, my heart mourned.  Mourned for another that would not let me be.  His body lay there as a throbbing reminder that our kinds may never be able to peacefully coexist.  It was then that the villagers chose to come.  Not to the rescue of an innocent, but to the call of a bloodied rage.  Taunting and belittling an already frazzled force.

Visions flashed… weeks of preparation to control the hunger in a crowded room… the dress I had gotten slightly sunburned buying… the laughter…  All this sacrifice to coexist?  Look at my fucking dress!  I could hear faint echoes cackling “Stop this ridiculousness, beloved.  We are above such triviality.”  They were my Sire’s words.  Oh, how I had when he’s right.  The words “I told you so” take on new meanings when you still have lifetimes left to hear them.

It was not my choice!  I didn’t ask to be this way!  I wanted to be pretty, to be accepted… I wanted to dance and forget the torment… find some solace and joy in the moonlight.  I wanted some semblence of my life that had been ripped from me too soon!  I chose to overcome the thirst!  I chose to suffer to be like you!  I chose this fucking dress….!  SNAP!

She hadn’t realized she had been moving forward.  Twigs and bones crackling with each step.  In a haze, she couldn’t quit decipher if it had indeed been something underfoot or her mind that had given way under the pressure.  I said no…  Her pace never changed.  The turmoil never ceasing as rocks flew through the air, missing their target.  I said no…  As if on repeat, the words continued in her mind growing in volume and urgency.  A chant of defeat and surrender… I…said…NO…

It was definitely a declaration!  No longer a chant urging her forward.  It was a being of it’s own once uttered aloud.  The words hung amidst the rhetoric of the villagers, clear above what had dimmed to no more than white noise…

All signs of fear left coal-black eyes and the blood roared high over the mob poised to attack.  They will only see what they want to see.  They will never accept me or leave me in peace.  I was a good girl.  I wanted to fucking dance!  I said no!  I tried to forget the darkness….but they sought it… beckoned it… time to show them.  

They sensed the change and the wind crackled as tiny feet took flight.  Echoes returned her hiss of “He sought me!  Tears of blood poured from swollen sockets as talons gouged eyeballs from villagers.  The lust grew stronger, seemingly unsatiable, even as fangs tore into flesh.  She drained them.  Some fast, some slow… but she took everything.  Much as they had done to her.  She danced as she had wanted to at prom.  Only instead of a dance floor, it was bloodied blades of grass.  Instead of music, it was the moans of the forsaken.  No one would come to save them, as no one had come to save her.

She thought she would be satisfied.  Thought there would be relief in this vindication.  Yet there was none.  There was only emptiness, a never-ending darkness that they had freely sought.  One she denied and tried to rid herself of.  She thought there would be some joy, but there was only mounting frustration.  Building tension that she knew would never be sated.  As the last body dropped to the ground, birds left the solitude of the treetops as she screamed to the heavens…i looked good in this fucking dress.


This my attempt at horror.  I have always been fascinated by vampires and the supernatural.  I love horror and gore.  Honest critique is always welcome!  Blunt is better!  Thank you for taking the time to read!