Horror is my first love.  Delving into the human psyche only to uncover the gruesome acts is a tingling that is beyond description.  It tugs at your heart, makes you cry for the victim, or the killer depending on the point of view, and tells you secrets that no person dares to utter.


Horror says what everyone else is afraid to.  Because of that, I fell in love.  This page will be my attempt at horror.  Thus, you will grow with me.  Things that I find about myself along the way, will be shared with you.  Wish me luck on my journey of self-discovery.


As always, honest feedback is always welcomed!

4 thoughts on “Nightmares…

  1. Daydreamer,
    Well said! The only thing left is jump into the fire, so one can say; “Well done.”
    Darkness Sought was a good first foray into dark fiction. I remember when you first posted it. When will we see another glimpse into Daydreamers abyss?
    I look eagerly forward to that occasion. As always, wonderful to visit you.

    ~The Keeper

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